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The Art of Saying No to Your Child

  When a parent tells their child they can’t do something it’s because they have a reason behind it. Whether you tell them they can’t go to the park to play or hang out with a friend after school, the word ‘no’ has to be said every once in a while (and sometimes quite often, depending on the personality of your child).  If you don’t set boundaries with your child from a young age, they will grow up and assume they don’t have to ask for permission once a teenager. Some ways of saying no are more effective than others and can help you show your children that you care for them. Here are some ways you can say no to your child and show that you mean it. Give a Definite Answer It’s normal for children to get upset when they ask for something and receive a “We’ll see…” or “It depends…” as the answer. If you want to say no, then just say it clearly. To show them that you’re serious, be sure to say it in a firm, yet caring tone. There could be times when your answer is ‘maybe’ because of other

The Best Hiking Trails in Australia to Explore

Australia is well known for its oceans, open plains, rainforests, and mountains, making it one of the best places for hikers to spend their days. Here are a few of the best hiking trails to explore. Overland Tracks, Tasmania This trail takes up about 65km of Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park. This beautiful trail has amazing views which include D’Alton and Ferguson falls. If you’re not comfortable with walking on your own you can book a guided walk with the park’s wildlife services. Be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out to this trail because it is known to be very wet! Binna Burra to Green Mountains, Queensland This track passes through the Atlantic Beech Forest and subtropical rainforests giving hikers amazing views. If you stop at the Wanungara Lookout you’ll have a view of Limpwood Valley, Mount Warning, and sometimes even Byron Bay. This hike can take up most of the day so be sure to stay hydrated and dress accordingly. Six Foot Track, New South Wales